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Featured Grant Story: Post Animal Refuge Center

What is Post Animal Refuge Center?

The mission of Post Animal Refuge Center (PARC) is to provide shelter, food and necessary medical treatment for unwanted and/or abused animals in Post, Garza County and the surrounding area until suitable permanent homes can be found.

The team at Post Animal Refuge Center realizes that veterinary expenses for shelter animals are by far the largest expense they encounter. Before an animal is placed into a forever home, PARC makes sure the animal is spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and heart worm preventatives, free of fleas and ticks, microchipped, and healthy as possible. Spaying/neutering is the most important thing PARC can do to ensure that none of the animals from their shelter contribute to the overwhelming population of unwanted litters.

Post Animal Refuge Center in Action

In 2018, PARC received funds from the Ruth Wright Endowment for Animals. With this funding they were able to cover veterinary bills for their shelter dogs. They had almost 150 animals through their shelter, including 60 dogs rescued from a puppy mill.

PARC was able to use all the funds provided to them to spay/neuter dogs in the shelter and ensure the animals were healthy and ready for adoption. PARC is dedicated to stopping the constant flow of unwanted and abused animals in the community. They are aware how challenging and difficult this task is, but they are working to change that narrative by rescuing animals in the community and spaying/neutering them before they find their forever home.

To learn more about Post Animal Refuge Center, please visit them at

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