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Featured Grant Story: Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services

The mission of Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services (PCHAS) is to provide a variety of Christ-centered services to children in need and their families. Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services is now offering the Lubbock Child and Family Program, a program offered to families at no cost to prevent out-of-home placement of children. This program helps to stabilize families during times of crisis so that the children in the family may remain in their own home.

PCHAS specialists visit families in their homes to assess their needs, identify existing strengths, and co-develop plans with the families for improved stability and well-being. PCHAS's goal is to prevent future generations from falling into a vicious cycle of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. Children served in this program range from infancy to seventeen years old. Families that receive services from this program often have histories of poverty, abuse and neglect, and even homelessness.

The Lubbock Child and Family Program addresses not only the symptoms of the problem, but works to identify the cause of the problem, breaking the generational cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect. The program has a ripple effect by preserving families today they benefit future generations to come.

The services provided by PCHAS can range from going grocery shopping with a family and helping them make nutritious and affordable food choices, to conducting budgeting education. They also help families determine possible benefits offered to them in their community. PCHAS specialists provide in-home therapy, family mental health counseling, and assistance accessing other community health services. Staff also ensure that children in the families have opportunities to engage in developmentally vital activities, such as play. Physical play is necessary for proper brain development and learning. If a parent's physical disabilities or limitations make it difficult for them to participate in physical play with their children PCHAS assists in finding a local summer camp or recreational activities for the children.

In the first three quarters of 2017, 86% of the families served in the Lubbock Child and Family Program improved their self-sufficiency. Families in the program found safe and stable housing, caregivers found employment with an adequate income and benefits, families found quality and affordable childcare, and several caregivers completed education or training that improved their job prospects.

Another improvement was the 69% of children who improved emotionally and socially within the first three quarters of 2017. Children improved their relationships with their caregivers and other siblings, learned to control their emotions and self-regulate their behaviors, learned to use their words, gained self-confidence to make new friends and try new activities at school, and found healthy ways to deal with their past trauma.

To learn more about PCHAS or the Lubbock Child and Family Program, call them at (800) 888-1904, or please visit them at

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