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2016 Harrington Scholarship Recipients

This week we announced our Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship recipients for 2016. These seven exceptional students will be pursuing a degree in math, science or engineering. The annual award will be for an amount of up to a maximum of $5000.00 renewable for a total of 4 years. Students are selected each year based on their level of academic motivation, motivation for study in their chosen field, SAT and/or ACT scores, financial need and grade point average.

Don and Sybil Harrington embodied the independent and adventurous spirit of the American West. She was the granddaughter of one of the first families to settle Amarillo. He moved west after serving in the Army Air Corps during World War I. Educated as an engineer at Yale University, he took a position with Marlin Oil Company in Oklahoma. When the Texas Panhandle oil boom hit in 1926, Harrington moved to Amarillo, where he met Sybil Buckingham. They married in 1935, and went on to build one of the most successful independent oil and gas operations in Texas history. The Harrington legacy of philanthropy is far-reaching but rooted in the Texas Panhandle. Over many years, the Harrington name has become synonymous with successful charitable, educational and cultural endeavors.

This year, we honored the selected students at our Grantee Luncheon as well as surprised them at their school where we had their parents, teachers and counselors waiting to help us share in the good news.

Mariama Poquiz of Lubbock High School Shehani Jayawickrama of Lubbock High School Hayes McKibben of Lubbock High School Isaac Echols of Lubbock High School Raja Rajcic of Coronado High School Alexandra Langford of Monterey High School Christopher Gaschen of Trinity High School

Pictured left to right: Mariama Poquiz, Christopher Gaschen, Shehani Jayawickrama, Hayes McKibben, Alexandra Langford and Raja Rajcic. Not pictured is Isaac Echols.

Pictured left to right: Shehani Jayawickrama and Priyantha Jayawickrama.

Pictured left to right: Daniel Echols, Isaac Echols and Cecilee Echols.

Pictured left to right: Billy McKibben, Hayes McKibben, and Helen McKibben.

Pictured left to right: Mariama Poquiz and Arlene Poquiz.

Pictured left to right: Chad Grant, CFWT Board Chair, Isaac Echols, Hayes McKibben, Shehani Jayawickrama, Mariama Poquiz, and Gwen Stafford, CWFT Interim President.

Pictured left to right: Craig Langford, Alexandra Langford and Manon Langford.

Pictured left to right: Alexandra Langford and Jack Purkeypile, Principal at Monterey High School.

Pictured left to right: Angie Rajcic and Raja Rajcic.

Pictured with Raja Rajcic are his mother, Angie Rajcic and various Coronado High School officials.

Pictured left to right: Paul Gaschen, Mrs. Lowry, Christopher Gaschen, and Pam Gaschen.

Congratulations to all the students and best of luck in their college education.

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