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Foundation Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

The Lubbock Area Foundation (LAF) is now accepting applications for the more than 50 scholarships available to area individuals. Requirements and application instructions are available on the Foundation’s website. The deadlines vary with the first deadline to apply being March 15, 2015.

Through the generosity of individuals and organizations that have set up endowments and scholarships, LAF has been awarding scholarships to students throughout the South Plains since 1985. Scholarship awards range from $250 to $20,000 and are granted based on specifications set forth by the donors. In 2014, LAF awarded over $166,000 to 80 students in the South Plains. These awards went to students attending post-secondary schools locally and across the country.

While the majority of the scholarships offered through LAF are for high school seniors, some are specifically for older individuals seeking to receive a higher education. A number of the scholarships are dedicated to those students studying specific areas of expertise, or are based on gender and geographic areas.

“We have heard from so many students who receive these scholarships that these awards make a tremendous difference in whether or not they would be able to attend post-secondary schools,” said Sheryl Cates, President of the Lubbock Area Foundation. “LAF is honored that these donors have entrusted LAF to maximize their generous gifts.”

For a list of all the scholarships available, deadlines, applications and requirements, please visit

To find out more information on how you can establish your own scholarship benefitting students in the South Plains area, please contact the Lubbock Area Foundation at 806-762-8061.

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